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Published: 30th May 2010
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I. Gotham Lighting

Gotham Lighting has a longstanding history with the lighting industry which begun when it was founded back in 1938 in New York City by Harry Gerstel. In founding Gotham Lighting, Harry Gerstel understood that modern architecture called for a new approach to lighting and kept in constant touch with the advancements of the lighting industry. He worked closely with his associate Richard Kelly who was a renowned architect and known pioneer of lighting design. With the company's emphasis on innovative and trendsetting lighting, Gotham Lighting became widely known for its many breakthrough lighting advancements.

In 1957, Gotham Lighting patented the low-brightness recessed downlight. In 1958, Harry Gerstel designed and patented the recessed accent light which allowed for easy adjustment and a full 360 degree rotation capability. Gotham Lighting was also the first to make use of deep-finned heat radiating socket assemblies to increase lamp life. These developments resulted because of the problem solving and innovative environment that was propagated in the company which continues to this day.

While Gotham Lighting was sold to the ITT Indoor Lighting Group in 1970 and was again resold to Lithonia Lighting late in that same year, Gotham Lighting never ceased to operate and to produce among the latest innovations in the lighting industry.

In the late 1980s Gotham Lighting created Ventimax, the answer to the problem of thermal sensitivity that is common with horizontal compact fluorescent fixtures. Ventimax provides a convective ventilation path, allowing the lamps to cool and also optimizing lamp efficiency.

The year 1995 saw the introduction of the Vertisys system, which displayed Gotham Lighting's innovative design philosophy. Vertisys allowed fluorescent downlighting to become similar to and as appealing as incandescent luminaires.

In tackling architectural lighting, Gotham Lighting has come to specialize in downlighting and downlights such as shallow plenum downlighting, specification grade downlighting, and commercial grade downlighting. There were also compact fluorescent square downlights, square downlights and HID square downlights, LED square downlights, flangeless downlights, incandescent square downlights, and even decorative downlights and decorative recessed downlights.

The Gotham group is also a major provider of recessed lighting such as recessed CFL downlights, recessed HID downlights, recessed LED downlights, recessed quartz downlights, and recessed low voltage downlights.

Gotham also continuously explores advanced lighting developments, which include ceramic metal halides and LEDs or light emitting diodes. The Gotham Lighting group continues to explore new designs and possibilities that are potentially market viable.

Gotham Lighting's history of investing richly on innovative design and developments goes side by side with demanding manufacturing standards. The Gotham group pays close attention to the manufacturing processes to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their products and technology. The company also makes use of state-of-the-art technology and machines to ensure consistent output that meet exacting standards.

Gotham Lighting remains in the forefront of the lighting industry and continues to place emphasis in innovative lighting designs. It has joined forces with Acuity Brands Lighting to share its resources with its sister companies for better advancement and progress for lighting technology and products. The company seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas for growth and development.

Gotham Lighting continues to be dedicated to lighting and its development, and lighting education. Through the Besal fund, the company provides financial support to university lighting programs. The Gotham group also supports scholarships for design and engineering students.

II. Featured Products

Gotham Lighting has a wide variety of lighting products for an array of possible applications. These products range from decorative downlights to low voltage directional accents, and are designed to be adaptable to custom lighting needs.

Here are some of the lighting products that are part of the Gotham Lighting family:

Directional Low Voltage Luminaires
Directional low voltage luminaires are able to aim, shape, and filter light so as to add emphasis and enhance architectural details. They can also add visual drama and effects to an area or space and are thoroughly adjustable.

Gotham Lighting has an extensive line of architectural lighting cylinders with a wide range of lamp types, sizes, and mounting configurations. All Gotham cylinders incorporate Gotham optics and cutting edge lighting technology. They also come in 11 housing colors to choose from.

The Gotham line of cylinders includes LED cylinders and quartz cylinders. LED and quartz lighting share features in the sense that they are both significantly longer lasting, have higher lumen outputs, and are more energy efficient than their contemporaries. While LED is the current leading lighting solution in terms of lifespan and lumen output as well as in terms of being 'green' or sustainable, quartz also has the benefit of being very versatile and can easily fit in most modern designs.

Metal Halide

Gotham's AH series is specially designed for applications that require efficient and finer control of the metal halide source. The metal halide based lighting products are optimal for downlighting and wallwash applications as it incorporates the patented Bounding Ray Optics. Lens optics are available in standard and narrow apertures for placing the metal halide lighting products in higher levels or heights.

Gotham Squares

Gotham Squares include a variety of downlight and wallwash luminaires. These lighting products are designed and manufactured for optimal efficiency and control to ensure meticulous alignment and uniformity in aperture and appearance.

Gotham squares are all designed specifically for areas that will require lighting in a rectilinear shape. The lighting series has also been made to have an efficient optical design and efficient light sources so as to ensure a significant level of energy savings.


Candeo is Gotham Lighting's line of products that feature LED technology for recessed lighting. LED or the light emitting diode is highly energy efficient, has a significantly longer lifespan than its lighting contemporaries, and does not contain mercury and has a very low carbon dioxide emission rating. Thus, it is environmentally friendly and is highly suitable for green lighting and sustainable design. LED lighting can also help cut down on energy and maintenance costs.

The Gotham Candeo LED lighting line is also available in a variety of colors. It is offered as standard (no extra charge) or specialized to meet custom client needs.

Shallow Plenum

Shallow Plenums are an array of downlighting products that can provide efficient and effective downlighting while also providing a variety of sources, apertures and styles. The shallow plenums can provide highly effective downlighting even in restrictive plenum spaces.

About Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands is a leading manufacturer of innovative, technologically advanced, sustainable lighting products and lighting-related solutions. Acuity Brands opened for trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 2001 (NYSE:AYI). We are an Atlanta-based company with annual sales of over $2 billion and with over 10,000 employees.

Acuity Brands Lighting (ABL) was established in 2001. Offering lighting solutions from some of the world's most famous brands including Lithonia, Holophane, Gotham, Peerless, Hydrel, Antique Street Lamps, Speclight, MetalOptics and Carandini. For more information on lighting selection and specification, please feel free to contact ABL for more details.
ABL's company-direct sales office opened for business in January 2006. Headed by Sero Cardamone, VP - New York Business Development, together with the help of ABL's local professional staff, The Acuity Brands Lighting Company aims to provide superior service to New York City's five boroughs and the surrounding counties.

Our sales group is dedicated to working as a team to better serve the greater NYC area. Customers are encouraged to contact any of our local sales representatives for information on lighting projects of any size, where to find stock products, and lighting selection and specification inquiries. Contact us @ Office Phone: (212) 462-0088 or visit us Acuity Brands Lighting 5 Penn Plaza, 24-26th Floor New York, NY 10001.

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